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Health is Wealth. This is the famous sentence today in this article we’ll speech and write essay in English languages. Now today’s everybody want to know about how to make money easily and become wealthier by adopting a shortcut way. But they actually don’t know about the real money and the real wealth of the life. And I think health is the most expensive thing in this world. Let’s suppose if you have little pain in any part of your body, your whole body would be disturb. In this wealth building story we’ll read all the paragraph in points about Health is Wealth.

How to be Health and Wealthy

  1. Maintain Healthy Food

Food is play an important role in the human body. Good and fresh food keep the body fresh and active. If you want to keep yourself always young and don’t want to become old before age, try to eat vegetables as more as you can. Fruit is also the kind of wealth for your health. Some peoples are not like fruit, but fresh fruit and vegetable produce fresh blood in your body.

  1. Daily Exercise

Laying all the day at home in the front of Television or Laptop makes man lazy and ill. Human body need little exercise to be healthy and wealthy. During exercise all the parts of body work fast, and the circulation of blood also fast. Because of fast circulation of blood there are heavy sweat on the body. With this sweat many other germs are outside from body.

  1. Regular Sleep

Go early to bed for sleep and wake-up early in the morning. According to science and doctors the human body needs 8 hours sleeps in the 24 hours. So if you sleep more then and less than eight hours, it can press bad impact on your health.

  1. The Morning Walk

There are lot of advantages and benefits of the morning walk. The morning walk play an important role in healthy body and if you are an addict of morning walk, you need no exercise no need to waste money and time in the gym. I myself have experience of morning walk, if you do little walk and jogging in morning time, your will active all the day.

Health is Wealth

Reasons Why Health is Wealth

  1. Spend Time with Kids

Healthy body never become an old so soon. So if you are reach to the age of 60s or 70s you can spend more time with your children.

  1. Health and Travel Insurance

Employees and workers who are more healthy and fit, get reward in of fitness. And also they get discount on holiday and travel insurance.

  1. An Investment

People can spend on clothes, shoes and shopping and so on. But this is an investment that will pay dividends.

  1. Save Money

If you have a healthy diet then there is not bigger any wealth in the world. The real wealth is the fresh food and fruits. That keeps you far from expensive medicines that’s saves your money as well.

  1. Make Money by Health is Wealth

If you want to become rich and want to earn a lot of money without compromising on Health. So you can make it your occupation, work on it and earn high amount of money. You can join the health communities, companies, can create your own products or can write a books on it. And become wealthy and healthy.

  1. Become an Instructor

You are yoga Master, Karate Master or body builder. You can also open your academy and earn money by training other peoples.

  1. Healthy Foods are Cheaper

Vegetables, Fruits, Fatty meet and creamy desserts etc. are not so expensive. These all things are cheaper and good for your body and keep you fit and fresh always.

  1. Don’t Spend on Teeth

Healthy teeth are much cheaper to maintain than the unhealthy teeth. So keep your teeth clean always with brush or Miswak.

  1. Exercise is Free

All the exercise in the morning or evening like, jogging in the park, yoga and dancing are totally free of cast. This is the best deal for your body because you gain energy without paying or spending anything.

  1. Traveling with Unhealthy Body

Traveling and long journey is also like a tired job. And if you have unhealthy body so traveling would be a big problem for you. And if you are healthy you will feel joy and journey will be wealth for you.

  1. Stronger Bones

Good and healthy diet makes your teeth and bones stronger. And you no need to hire anything in your later life.

  1. Brain Capacity

Diet which have the high zinc, omega fatty acid and other vital nutrients keep your brain fresh and give extra power and capacity of thinking and higher potential.

  1. Increase Confidence

If you have good body, your color is white, have good enough height and power in your inner body. It will always be positive thing and you will feel always great that’s increase your confidence. Therefore we says that health is wealth.

  1. Don’t Buy Beauty Creams

Eating Rack Vegetables, Fruits, Drinking Juices and Salad keeps your blood clean. Because of it your face will be clean, white and shiny. You have no need to buy expensive beauty creams and lotions for your face color and pimples.

  1. Healthy Workers Preferable

During the interview for the job your education is not enough to get the attraction of boss and get the job. Your physical condition is also impress and you can get job easily. Healthy workers are preferable and are more productive.

Wealthy Tip

I hope you understand that why people use this sentence in mostly books and why it is famous. In my point of view “Health is Wealth”. Because if you physically fit and all of your body parts are in original condition you can collect and earn millions of dollars. But if you are not fit and ill have any disease than these dollars are not meaning full. I hope you like this article and if you have any point about this essay please use our comment box to write us.

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