Main Types of Pollution Effects and Causes of Pollution

Types of Pollution are categorized based on the environmental effects and causes that are harmful for the people of this universe. Each and every type have disadvantages that have bad effects also there are many causes that are involved to produce these types of Pollution. I hope below are the types will help you to read and understand all the things on this topic and also would help you that how we can control and reduce the environmental effects. All the main types of pollution are: Air, Water, Soil or Land, Noise, Light, Radioactive, Thermal and Visual are the different types of Pollution.

During my research I have found the above eight types of pollution that effects the environment. Let’s read all the effects and causes in details.

Main Types of Pollution Detail Study

  1. Air Pollution and its Effects and Causes

“Air Pollution” is one first types in this essay and it is one of the dangerous type that can directly effects the human body. Biggest chemical factories, Carbon gases exit by vehicles, cigarette smoke, burning of plastics etc. are the main causes of pollute the air. During breathe of humans, birds and animals and polluted air also disadvantage able for plants.

  1. Water Pollution and its Effects and Causes

As mention in the name we can easily understand that “Water Pollution” is the big types of pollution. Water involves the contamination of various water bodies. It includes by pollutant such as chemicals, bacteria and oil seepage that effects the purity of water. It is one of the dangerous form that can effects the drinking water and may causes of various diseases. Causes like chemicals and bacterial viruses can effects the water of Oceans, Rivers and lakes. And this water directly damage the fields and our vegetables and fruits and also reservation water under the ground. It is also disadvantage able for the insects and fishes that living under the water.

  1. Land or Soil Pollution and its Effects and Causes

“Land Pollution” also known as “Soil Pollution”. It prevents the natural life growth, included cultivating, habitation and wildlife as well. The main cause to pollute the surface of the earth are oil spills, illegal dumping, pesticides and farming chemicals, nuclear accidents. Polluted land can effects the human, birds and animals living on the surface of the earth.

  1. Noise Pollution

I really hate the types of “Noise Pollution” because it is one the bad type that can be found everywhere on the earth. This can effects the restful life of humans and animals the biggest causes that are playing an important role to produce the heavy noises are airplanes, helicopters, motor vehicles, horns, loud music, speeches on loud speakers and etc.

Types of Pollution

  1. Light Pollution

The trend of “Light Pollution types” are growing up very fast in developed countries. Such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan. We have found the big buildings that are covered with screens and advertisement are running on these screen are cause to pollute the environment at the night time. These signboard and advertisement around the building are causes of vehicle accidents and can take the life of drivers and passengers.

  1. Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive or Nuclear Pollution is raise in the 20th Century. This type is one of the dangerous types that can cause of the death of more than thousand people at the same time. It can be happen in the leakages or accidental situation of atomic or nuclear blast or use of nuclear weapons. It is also effect to pollute the air, land, water and noise as well.

  1. Thermal Pollution

“Thermal Pollution” is happen when the temperature of the particular are increase over the time. With the increasing of heat its produce and release the carbon gases. The combination of polluted air and the release of these carbon gases are causes to increase the temperature of particular area. This thermal procedure can effect to reduce the water on that area, also effects the death of small animals and birds in high number also effects the nature and plants of particular area and also produce many types of diseases.

  1. Visual Pollution

“Visual Pollution” is just like the light but it is less in size but more harmful for the earth and nature. Visual types of environment are annoying and ugly also depressing. Sources that are involved in the visual environments are: Billboards and advertisement, Construction areas, Power Lines, litter, Craving on trees, Skyscraper that block the road and natural views etc.

Ending Note

Dear readers our aim is to give you the right information. In above all the eight types if I miss any other type or miss any point so please tell us by using below comment box or by contact us page. We’ll add your ideas in our articles. Keep your environment need and clean.

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