Advantages and Disadvantages of Deforestation Essay in Points

This topic will help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of deforestation. Forests are often referred to as the lungs of planet earth. They are the primary source of numerous resources that are important for our survival. They not only provide the major amount of oxygen, they also provide habitat to the majority of the wild life.  Although forests are an important asset for our planet, deforestation is causing a sharp decline in it its quality as well as quantity. Deforestation is the destruction of forests by replacing it with something else. It includes the clearing and removal of forests by replacing it with housing or commercial projects. The major impacts of deforestation are certainly negative but there are numerous advantages too. So, let us stat discussing the major advantages and disadvantaged obtained from the clearing of forests.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Deferstation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Deforestation

Advantages of Deforestation

  1. Advantages of major source of natural resources

One of the possible and a significant advantage of deforestation is the extraction of essential natural resources such as timber and charcoal. All of these natural resources are important for industries and the commercial sector which requires them for producing other goods and services. Hence, deforestation plays an important role in the economic growth of the country.

  1. Creates a large number of jobs Advantages

Deforestation tends to create a large number of job opportunities for the unemployed. Through deforestation not only the demand for wood cutters and machinery increases but the demand for manufacturing, transportation, and construction industries also increase. More and more people will be needed for the available jobs thus increasing the employment level in all industries.

  1. Advantages of Removes Dead Trees

All deforestation is not done for just clearing the area and using it for commercial purposes. Sometimes deforestation is also done to cut down the dead trees that are not useful and replace them with new plants of trees. This way the same space can be utilized for the same purpose however there will be a significant increase in the productivity of the area.

  1. Advantages of Provides Residential Land

One of the main aims of clearing the forests is to increase the land for residential purposes. These days, the growing population is finding it hard to settle in large towns and cities because of shortage of residential lands. So, by cutting down forests, governments can ease the shortage and provide its citizens with cheap lands that could be used for residential purpose.

  1. Advantages of Increases the area for agriculture

Another possible advantage of deforestation is the rise in the land for agricultural purposes. By cutting down the trees, the space can be used for multiple purposes such as residential purposes and commercial purposes while it can also be used for agricultural purposes thus increasing the output of the sector and increasing the economic growth too.

  1. Increases the quality of livestock Advantages

Although, the majority of the land obtained after deforestation is used for commercial and residential purposes, it is also used for growing livestock. Many farmers get additional space as well as better breeding grounds for their livestock.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Deforestation

Disadvantages of Deforestation

  1. Disadvantages of Harms Wildlife and Destroys Habitat

Forests are the biggest habitat for every wild life species out there. It not only is a home to wild life species but is also the major source of food as well as protection for them. Once, a forest is cut down and the trees are removed, the overall ecosystem of that area is affected significantly. In the short run it will only affect the habitat of those wild life species but in the long run they can even become endangered or extinct. So, this is one of the biggest disadvantages of deforestation.

  1. Eliminates the overall beauty of the area Disadvantages

An area filled with trees and greenery always looks beautiful but once all the trees are cut down and the area is cleared, the overall beauty of the area is lost. Although, the land is used for the betterment of the society, we should also remember that these forests will take centuries to grow again.

  1. Affects the global climate pattern Disadvantages

Deforestation is one of the major contributors to the green house effect. One of the major functions of plants and trees is to take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. But, once the trees are cut down, this means that the carbon dioxide is not being utilized and is not getting replaced by oxygen so the overall weather pattern of the world will be affected. This is the reason why some places are experiencing too much heat while some are experiencing too much cold weather.

  1. Disadvantages to causes soil erosion

Trees are one of the major reasons behind the humidity and moisture in the soil which helps in the growth of further agriculture. However, once the trees are cut down it will cause soil erosion and will increase the process of desertification making the land less fertile and no further vegetation could be done on that land again.

  1. affects the water cycle Disadvantages

Trees and plants are a key player in the water cycle process globally. They help in creating water reserves by the complex processes of evaporation and infiltration. These processes when combined form the, water cycle. So, once these trees are cut down the global water cycle is affected causing the shortage of rain in many areas which can even lead to famine, shortage of food, spread of diseases, and even the loss of lives.

  1. Disadvantages of causes floods and fires

Trees play an important role when it comes to floods and fires. They hold the ground together and when floods occur they reduce the pressure and speed of the water reducing any major damage done by floods. While they also reduce the chances of extreme fires as they keep the ground and air humid, this decreases the chances of sudden fires to a great extent. If you have any point about this essay of “advantages and disadvantages of deforestation”. Please share with your friends via using below comment box.

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