Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing and Types

This article will explain features of cloud computing and its types, advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing system with examples. In first part we’ll have little definition about it will read that what is cloud computing? In second part we’ll read advantages/benefits in third number have look of disadvantages or cons. At the end of article our eyes goes to types and little bit on examples, so let’s have look;

What is Cloud Computing?

Simply Cloud Computing is the online system of delivering the computing like; Storage, Server, Networking, Software, Databases and much more analyzing online through internet. Many companies offering the cloud computing services and the charge the money against their services. As we pay the bill of electricity or water bill etc. There are a lot of types, uses, advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing System

Advantages of Cloud Computing System

  1. Reliable

Cloud computing is the best reliable thing in the race of IT infrastructure. Most of companies offer the live support to discuss their problem with the server availability of 24hours of the week and 365 days with guaranteed agreement.

  1. Speed

Most of cloud computing companies are providing their services according to the demand of customers. Which make your business more fast and make it easier by just few mouse clicking.

  1. Data Backup

The main point to be highlighted from advantages is there are no loss of your data. Mostly companies are providing automatic data backup and recovery options. This might helpful for business to recover your deleted and important files and data.

  1. Storage Capacity

Almost computing service companies are providing unlimited storage space for storage. Well you may not require to increase the capacity of storage or no need to buy new drives for storage.

  1. Easily Access to Account

The main benefits of cloud computing services is, we can easily access to our account information, use it and make changes in it form anywhere in the world. We just need to remember our e-mail and password to login to our cloud account.

  1. Mobility

Trend of mobile phones are increasing in the world, people prefer and like to use mobile phone because of its popularity and easily use of method. Now Android and IOS operating systems are developing very fast. We can easily access to cloud computing system through application installed in mobile phones.

  1. Software Included

In cloud computing storage a lot of software’s are already installed in it and big advantages is that all the software have options to automatic update.

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Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

  1. Downtime

The Downtime of cloud computing means the server is not working or may some other problems in the server. So this is the big disadvantages of cloud computing system. This can impact on business negative effects.

  1. Security Problems

You must keep in mind that your data is easily accessible on internet. It means that your data is online stored and they might have chances to hack, because you have login to your account from private computers. If sometimes you forgot to logout your account this may be a chance to any other person come and use your account and make some changes in it.

  1. Costly for Lower Businesses

Cloud computing storage services are costly for those who have small scale business. They cannot afford the cost of cloud computers because the you must have specialist persons to manage and operate the clouding system.

  1. Data Transfer Fee

If you have a large amount of data and want to transfer from one device to another device or want to download it. You may pay for the fee according to the terms and conditions.

  1. Customers Support Services

Sometimes customers support service not responding due to technical reasons on internet. And another big thing is all the companies have customer support in English language. There are difficulties for little firms special form Asian counties because they have no specific person to speak English.

Types of Cloud Computing

Types of cloud computers are based on location and services are following.

Based on Location we can classify as;

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Community Cloud.

Based on Service offering we can classify as;

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a service)
  • SaaS (Software as a service)

Ending Note

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