What are the Pros and Cons of Using Hydropower Plant Energy

If you are looking for pros and cons of hydropower energy. In this article we’ll have detail study of hydropower plant with advantages and disadvantages. First of all let’s have little look of hydropower technology definition;

What is Hydropower?

Hydropower is the power of water and the cheapest form of energy. Hydro power energy is also called as water power or water energy. This energy is produced with the help of water and dam, the dam and can be opened or closed to control the flow of water. The turbine in the dam, spins with the help of water and produce electricity. The production of electricity depends on the flow of water that, how much fast water moves through the system and on how far the water drops.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HydroPower Plant Energy
The Small Image Demo of Hydro Power Plant.

The Pros of Hydropower Energy Plant

  1. Pure Source of Energy

Hydropower plant is engaged with water and dam and produced with the help of water. So it is clean and pure source of energy, it cannot make pollution for air and etc.

  1. No Permission Needed

It is domestic source of energy. Each and every state have right to produce energy from water freely without any international permission.

  1. Immediately Produce

This source of energy can be produce immediately, you can produce it from zero to maximum output capacity.

  1. Fuel Sources

In pros of hydropower energy produce number of benefits. With the help of power plant we can control the flood, irrigation and we can also use water for supply.

  1. Cheap and Permanent

One time spending money on the creation of Dam and then use it for years of years for free with the help of water. It is the cheap and permanent source of producing electricity energy.

  1. Renewable & Eco-Friendly

Hydel power is the renewable energy, It mean we can use it until the end of the time. Hydro production energy is sources like never ending like water, wind and sun. This is also cleanest and eco-friendly to use.

  1. Economic Advantages

Apart from the main benefits of hydropower plant energy is the biggest benefit for the economy of country. We can produce electricity more than our demands and can easily sell to our neighbor countries. It will grow the financial department of country.

  1. Agricultural and Industry

A major use of hydropower plant is to use the water for agricultural and industrial areas. It produces lot of complexes for industrial people and farmers as well.

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The Cons of Hydropower Plant Energy

  1. Building Costly

First time building of hydropower plant is very costly and it take to spend millions and billions of dollars to build.

  1. Cause of Pollution

During building the dam a lot of machineries, generator, and other material to be used for long time. Which seems like cause of air, water, land and noise pollutions.

  1. Land and Time

At the begging of building the dam there is need lots of acre land. Land of poor people may be a part of this project, this may loss of these poor peoples. Time is also needed for these types of multiple projects.

  1. Floods

In the study of cons of hydropower plant, there are many areas which are save from floods. But lower areas may be a part of this loss, because water easily and fatly move toward lower areas.

  1. Movement of Villagers

Mostly peoples of town and village are living near to the dam are forcibly migrate one place to another. Because in case of increase the water in dam or broken of this dam can be damage several villages at the same time with floods.

  1. Water Creatures

Creatures in the river or sea living in the water and cannot live without water like; fish, octopus, shark, Eel, crab, sea lion, otter, earless seal and penguin etc. These all are living in the water and they cannot live in pressure water. These are very badly effected by hydropower plant.

  1. Risk of Droughts

Electricity generation and energy prices are directly related to how much water is available. A drought could potentially affect this.

  1. Rain

It is very difficult to turn on the turbine of power plant during the rain or cloudy weather. So due to close of dam’s turbine the electricity may off and peoples are not able to use electronic things.

Read Carefully

I hope you enjoy the reading of pros and cons of hydropower plant energy. If I miss any points in my article or if you find anything wrong written or if you have any idea. You can use contact us page and below comment box to contact us.

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