Benefits of Using Miswak toothbrush / Chew Stick for Teeth and Health

In this article we will study in details all the benefits of Using Miswak toothbrush Chew Stick for teeth and Health of human body. Another name of miswak is Chew Stick or Chew toothbrush. There are hundreds of advantages using Miswak on daily bases for human health especially for teeth. First of all we well know that what is Miswak and How to use Meswak and then we will read all the uses and benefits.

What is Miswak?

Miswaak or sewak is an Arabic work, it is long chewing stick use for cleaning the teeth. Miswak is made from many trees but the Salvadora Persica tree is famous and give us good quality sticks. There are long history behind it, people use it thousands of years ago and still using. There are high demand in Muslim countries and Muslims uses on daily basis. And now medical also approved that Miswak is good for health.

Benefits of Miswak

  1. Cleen Teeth with Miswak

Chew the bark off of one end of the twig and use this twig as you are using the toothbrush. Clean your teeth with twig and have also taste of tree. Always use the fresh twig every time before use it. Do this process at least till five minutes.

  1. Make the Teeth Stronger

We are reading the benefits of using the chew stick for teeth and health. Well using of chew stick is mostly benefits for teeth. Daily use of this wooden toothbrush make your teeth stronger and give them extra shine.

  1. Create Luster

Another big benefits of Miswak is that the daily use and chew it create luster (noor) on the human face. The face is always fresh due to chewing the stick.

  1. Clean the Voice

Using the Miswak toothbrush / chew stick also benefits to clear the pitch and the quality of human voice. It also kill the more than 70 disease in human body use of it will keep you far from hospital and doctor. Because it himself doctor.

  1. Strengthens the Eyesight

You are using glasses for eyesight? Well give eyesight strengthens with the help of this natural toothbrush which is God Gifted.

Image Of Miswak

Benefits of Using Miswak

  1. Clean the Mouth

Now you are no need to waste money on mouth wash. Mouthwash in medical stores are dangerous for mouth inner skin. Use the Chew Miswak and have a fun of more than mouth wash its easy and simple way that you can use anywhere.

  1. Good for Stomach

Everybody know that toothpaste are made from chemicals. Heavy and hard toothpaste may give whiteness to your teeth but it is not good for health. In the morning time when your stomach is empty use of toothpaste is not good for health because some part of toothpaste go inside while washing the mouth which is dangerous for health. I recommend you to use always Miswak toothbrush (Chew Stick) in morning, because it assists in digestion.

  1. Sunnat

Using Miswak is Sunnat of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and removes your sins as well. Using Miswak Chew Stick before Salah (Namaz) multiplied the reward of Salah to 70 times. In all benefits I would love this one because the greatest benefit of using miswaak is gaining the pleasure of Allah.

  1. Sharpens the Memory

Using of this natural toothbrush is also health for human brain. Because it gives the sharpens to the memory of human and make faster as well as increase the thinking capacity and also keep far human from sins.

  1. Best Medicine for Headaches

Is you are a patient of headaches and you always feel little headaches. So come on hurry up buy this natural Chew Stick Toothbrush and use it as maximum as you can on daily basis. This toothbrush is best medicine for Headaches.

Ending Point

As compare to other brush and toothpastes this stick is very rare in price. It can also save your money less in size and quantity. You can also bring it anywhere in your pocket and in hand bag. I hope you read and got positive message in my article and if I forgot any points while describing the benefits of Miswak toothbrush and chew stick for teeth and health so please tell us by using the below comment box or contact us page. Your response are precious for us and Happy using Chew Stick.

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