Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Laptop in Points

Laptop have both Advantages and Disadvantages. In this essay we’ll read all the advantages and disadvantages of using Laptop in points. But before going towards benefits and drawbacks of Laptop we’ll read little definition.

What is Laptop Computer?

Laptop is portable device or a latest type of Computer that is suitable for use without electricity. It have another name that often called a notebook computer. It is a small and slim portable computer with battery and other many function and features that people can use while travelling. That was little definition of Laptop now we will read 10 uses or advantages of laptop computer in our daily life.

Benefits Uses and Advantages of Laptop Computers

  1. Portable Device

As we read in above line that this portable device have many advantages and disadvantages in our daily life usage. The first benefit to buy this notebook, that it is a portable device. We can easily move it from one place to another and can use it in multiple places without any hesitation. Students can bring laptop to colleges for educational purposes. Official person can use it at home or at office, not even this you can also bring it from one country to another county.  

  1. Long Battery Life

Long life of laptop battery give you to use it while there is no electricity at home. You can use this notebook device outside in parks or during journey etc. The good quality battery have 3 hours life, it means you can use it till 3 hours without charging.

  1. Small in Size

When computer was invented newly, then the size of computer was approximately bigger than a room. As technology developed the size of computer become small and the specifications moving toward high to higher. If we do comparison between Laptop and Desktop Computers, we’ll find that the size of laptop is small and easily can move but the size of Desktop computer is big and heavy as well. Small size is trending now in (Information Technology Equipment’s).

  1. No Keyboard and Mouse

We are discussing the main advantages of using laptop or notebook. Another advantages of buy laptop is save money from “keyboard & mouse”. You have no need to buy external keyboard and mouse, also never need to plugin wire into desktop.

  1. Internal Speakers

Lot of functions have never require software and drivers installation. These are built in and play automatically and the speaker are on off them. There are high quality speaker built in it and play automatically without driver installation. You can listen your college lectures without light and electricity.

  1. WIFI and Bluetooth

We are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of laptop, in the list of advantages of laptop WIFI and Bluetooth are two main important components. Now today everybody wants WIFI to use internet facility. Bluetooth also used for sharing the data without connecting the cables to desktop. These two functions are already available in every Laptop.

  1. Built in Webcam

In PCs and desktops you need to buy webcam and then configure and install software for it. Laptop have built-in Webcam for video calling and capturing the images everywhere you want. Notebook no need to install any software and no need any configuration. Just open and use video chatting with friends and family.

  1. Low Power Require

“Laptop vs Desktop computer”, there are big difference between the power requirements of both systems. As compare to desktop the laptop need very low power and work better than desktop, but PC need high power. This is the loss / disadvantage of electricity.

  1. Entertainment

You are getting bore turn on your laptop and play some music or play a movie to learn something and get entertained. This device is not only for work and for only for education, more than 50% users use it for entertaining purposes.

  1. Let’ Do Business

Want to start business that grow up very fast and have solid and maximum profit. I will suggest you to open a computer and electronic shop. Start selling computers, notebooks, MacBook, iPads, tablets, cables, batteries and other items that are family with laptops.

The first and the second part of the essay Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptop are completed. Now the last part Disadvantages of Notebook Started for more information read also below topic.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Laptop in Points

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Drawbacks Demerits and Disadvantages of Laptop

  1. Expensive

As we know that Laptop have both advantages and disadvantages. In the list disadvantages the first one is Costly and Expensive. The first time purchase of notebook or MacBook will empty your pocket because the prices of these electronic devices are very high like touching to sky.

  1. Bad for Health

Nothing is expensive then the health. Health is wealth and there are many disadvantages of using laptop regularly for human health. Maximum use of this device can affects your eyesight, hands and feet if you are using it laying your legs down to it. According to science research maximum use of it can also may cause of different types of cancers.

  1. Repair Difficulty

I myself get feel very uncomfortable when somebody talks about the repairing of something. There are very difficult for mechanic to repair it, because the components like, Ram, Hard disk, keyboard buttons, mouse bad, screen, motherboard and other things are very difficult to repair easily. These things are specific and available easily in markets. Mechanic also take the high wage for repairing because of difficulty of repairing.  

  1. Easily Stolen

Security is the big problem for this electronic portable device. This point is very disgusting because this news is always in the list, that Laptop has been robed easily. On one side the portability have in benefits but on second hand it is in drawbacks.

  1. Fashion

Everybody knows about today’s fashion world. New things are become very popular in every country as a fashion. People even they don’t speak the word LAPTOP are talking about to buy and use it. Some children are demanding it from parents as they see this with their friends.  

  1. Customization and Upgradability

Another disadvantages of using laptop in the list. Because we can customize it or can no upgrade it easily. We need to bring it to special person for upgrading RAM, Hard Disk and Graphic Cards etc.

  1. Become Old Very Quickly

In the race and competition technology, the newly launched devices and electronic things become old within months and weeks. Every company gives the better quality in less price. As the launch of updated and new model, the old model becomes very cheap in market.

  1. Blast Chances

Many airlines in USA, UK Canada and Japan never let to use and bring laptops in the planes, because of Blast accidents. In past year there are high number of blast cases found airplanes. Not only planes blast can be in your home, school or outside during use notebook, MacBook or mobile.

  1. Loss of Study

The biggest “disadvantages of laptop” for students is the loss of education and studies. Mostly students always play games and listen music and watch movies, waste their precious time on these type of waste activities. In the result you are in the last in exam results and some of them are get fail in class rooms.

  1. Damage Chances

You are drinking a Juice, water or taking a cup of tea, at once it fells on “Laptop”. So there are must be damage the any component or whole notebook, either it is turn on or turn off. If it is turned off remember that battery is still in it.

Necessary Advice:

Dear Students and reader, I hope you got my points because I am not a good writer of English language. Just clear you concept from points and if you have any idea about “ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF LAPTOP” please tell us by commenting in below box or by contact us page. To increase the battery life of your Notebook’s, always charge it before using, once it reach to hundred percent plug it out. And when you finished the work and turn off your notebook, remove the battery and keep it to safe place. Your both things would be save.

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