Pros And Cons Of Keeping Animals in Zoos Captivity

If you are searching for Pros and Cons of Zoos and fond of animals keeping in your home and against of captivity. So this essay will help you to increase your knowledge about animals rights and all the advantages and disadvantages of public zoos. Let’s start with little definition;

What is Zoo?

Zoo is the place where all the animals and birds of jungle are at one place in the captivity with full security. Now today’s it is become public visiting place to see all the animals and birds in captivity. Mostly the students of school and colleges are travel to zoos in group shapes. All the animals are view-able to everybody and the small definition and the name of animals or birds are hanging outside of his/her cage. There are many Pros and Cons of Zoos let’s have look;

Pros and Cons of Zoos
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Pros of Zoos Captivity 

  1. Economy Growth

In the list of pros of zoos the first benefit is that zoos are helpful in the growth of regional economy. There are billions of yearly economic activates and also produce thousands of jobs.

  1. Asset of Country

These visiting places are the assets of the county. Peoples all around the world are fond of traveling to famous places and spend their vocations on visits and want to see some good material.

  1. Educational Point

The biggest benefits of the zoos for students, that they visit in the shape of group and get the knowledge about all the animals and birds easily without any danger. Because all the animals are in captivity.

  1. Exercise Place

Most of zoos have great land and parks, peoples also visit to do jogging and it is the great place for exercise as well.

  1. Animals Habits & Behavior

It’s good to bring your children to zoos to know the all the habits and the behavior of all animals and birds. Their voices, habits, behaviors and meal etc.

  1. Fresh Environment

The Environment of zoos and parks are always fresh. Visiting the zoos at the evening time make people’s mind and body fresh, active and healthy. You can also visit there with your guests from another city or country.

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Cons of Zoos Captivity 

  1. Animals and Bird Captivity

In the list of cons of zoos the first point is captivity. All the animals and birds are in the shape of jail and captivity, they cannot move, eat, run naturally as they do in jungles. Mostly of them are become ill, because living in small places.

  1. Unexpected Accidents

All we noticed in videos or news that some unexpected accidents are happen in these types of places. Un-responsibility of parents can be cause of the injured or death of their children. So this is highly request to you, when you visit zoo please take care of your children and don’t let them alone.

  1. Unregistered Animals

Some of unregistered animals form internationals spices database, some animals and birds are not in endanger. So why the kept these in the captivity.

  1. Animals Supply

The staff of the zoos are supply some animals to unsafe and illegal places like, supplying animals for experiments. Zoo is also supply animals to meet industry and also supply for circus.

  1. Die & Diseases

Some animals are die early before their age, it all because of living whole life in one place. There are also high risk of transfer some dangerous diseases from animals to public.

  1. Life of Owl

The Owl is the only one bird who can see at night, I have visited to and noticed that owl is also the part of zoo and mostly zoos are closed at evening time. So it means the life of owl is like statue in the zoo because there is no entertainment for this bird.

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