Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy in Points

Today here we learn about solar energy, its advantages and disadvantages of solar energy in details. This topic is new for some students, because its sources are not available in some non-developed countries. I divided this topic in three major stages, in first part you study, what is Solar Energy.? In second part I briefly tell you the merits and in third and last part you will learn the demerits. Let’s have a look;

What is Solar Energy?

The Sun is a big star gives the light and heat to other planets. Earth is one of them, and thousands of secrets are hidden in the Sun. Engineers and scientist are developing hundreds of new things and technologies every month. Not even this they are in business to making our lives more easy and reliable, and the Solar Energy is biggest sign of it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy
Energy which is create from the sun light and heat is called Solar Energy. The set of blue plates is the system that get the sunlight and heat and convert it to different types of energies and produce power. These energies now we use in many things around us, like homes, cars, boats, as an electricity, in engines and mobiles etc. Let’s have detail study of “advantages and disadvantages of solar energy”. In some Asian countries people also call it Shamsi Tawanai.


Advantages of Solar Energy

  1. Easy Understanding

I’ll keep this point in first place in all advantages of solar energy. In small handy lights, power banks and cars there are no need to know more about their system. Because it works automatically under the sun light. And the other ways you just need to one time installation of system and manage connections, after that it will also works automatically with the help of sun lights. It’s Eco-friendly.

  1. Save the Money

This is the second big and best point in all advantages, because the value of money is high in this world. The installation of system in your home is just take one time expensive, after that its usage is almost free. You are able to saving money from first day of installation the home solar systems.

  1. Increase Your Home Value

There is a system in your home and your thinking about move to other place, want to sale out your home or etc. So don’t be scary that system/plant will be lost, it is beneficial point for you. Because of system the value of your home will be increase and you can easily sale out it in good deal.

  1. Maintenance Charges

Do you have guaranty of your life? Obviously the answer is “NO”. Just like that there is not guaranty of anything, especially the electronic things. If there become any fault or anything fused or need any other maintenance in the plant, the maintenance charges are very low as compare to other electronic systems.

  1. Environmental Effects

Solar Power gives us a lot of advantages and it is also environmental friendly for use. There are not side effects of panel on the environment as we see the other energy producing systems. It is also a helpful cause of reducing the air pollution and water pollution, noise pollution and light pollution etc.

  1. Remote Location Flexibility

Location play vital role in everything, location can increase & decrease the value of anything. As like remote solar power plant is easy to manage the location, and easily move from one place to another. I want to add one more point here that it takes very low space requirements.

  1. Investment in Business

Invest, install and start your business today with unique idea of solar energy plant. The competition of this business is very low, demand and profit is solid and high. So if you want to invest in new business as a brother, I advise to you that this is the best time to invest in it. This is secure investment.

  1. New Jobs Opportunities

We are reading about advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. And now you set your mind for this business, because of this step there would be a lot of job opportunities create for peoples. This is another benefit point to start unique business.

  1. Independence Energy Produce

As compare to other electric and power production things, solar produce independence energy according to your needs. It also increase the reliability, give you the better performance. Work is 100% guaranteed and long lasting, cells of plants never produce any sound.

  1. Support Every Field

Look everything around you, you will find a lot of thing that support solar supported. I have personally experienced that I found hanging lights, torches, power banks, watches, mobiles, laptops, motorbikes, cars, rail engines even large ships. These all things can run through this system. System convert according to demand of various things and their engines.

Dear readers, you are reading advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. I hope you understand the first point, what is Solar Energy. And second part in which I describe the Advantages of Solar Energy. Now we will read the Disadvantages of Solar Energy. Read till the end and leave a comment about this topic.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

  1. Sun Doesn’t Shine at Night

Yes! The first and the big disadvantage in my eyes is that sun doesn’t shine 24 hours. As you know that solar panel cannot produce energy without light. And I think there is no light in the night, well the Moon is also gives light. However it is not enough for panel and moon is also changes the directions and sizes in the whole month. So keep in mind this point before pasting the plant/panel.

  1. First Time Expensive

Look at all advantage and disadvantages of solar energy, this point will effects your pocket directly. Because the purchase of first time is costly, and can effect on your monthly budget.

  1. Cloudy & Rain Climates Conditions

If you are living in low temperature areas, where mostly rain, clouds and fog then this is not beneficial for you. And let’s suppose you are not living that kind of area, in case of rain and cloud energy plant doesn’t work. This is the second big disadvantage in all disadvantages.

  1. Need Inverter for High Current

Solar energy system cannot produce the current for high voltage require things like, AC (Air Condition), Fridge, Water Machine and Iron etc. To produce current for these all things, must need inverter. Which can be cause of many difficulties.

  1. Large Area Requires

You want to run big system and want to produce large number of energy. In case you need the large area for installation, that’s looking like problem. Because it can take the place of your garden or roof etc. and mostly these two places are used for parties and guest handling.

  1. Cleaning Problem

There are lot of advantages of solar energy system, but this one is for ladies. I will name it ladies problem, yes if the plant is on the roof it is very difficult to clean its plates. And if you are not cleaning this regular, it can badly effect on your productions.

  1. Overall Safety

Children are named as devil, if you plant you system in garden, there must be need little security from children. Because children could be a cause of any damage. Or if you paste your solar system on the roof then also need safety from birds, storm, heavy rain and snowfall etc. This is the non-benefit point in the list.

  1. Emergency Situation

As compare to other electric supply companies, if you have your own electric solar system. you are yourself responsible of any emergency situation like, short circuit or fire. While if you have connection from private company, you can complain on it and the company will provide you person for maintenance.

  1. Loss of Business

Every person starts business for profit. And if you invested in this business, it can badly effects your sales during the winter season. So this is my advice to you, if you want to invest in this business, you must be choose hot location, where weather are like summer whole of the year.

  1. Invisibility

Well this is the last point of advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. Invisibility means when you are out of home or visit out of city/country for personal works like, business trips or vacations. There are chance or robbery, some cheap thief can stole your system easily.

Bonus Tip

Reader, I hope you like the and fully understand the topic Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy. If you have in mind any question, any suggestion or opinion, you can share with us easily by using the below comments box. If I miss any point in merits or in demerits, you can inform me also by contacts us form. I will always appreciate your comments and opinions.

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