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MeritsDemerits.com is there to deliver amazing Information that inspire you and bring happiness to your life. The website offers Advantages and Disadvantages from whole things in the world, in points and details with images. Organized by topic along with a large collection of the topics of Health, Education, Energy, Donation, Technology, Software, Hardware, Computers, Plants, Animals, Earth, Moon and Sun etc. and many more. The quotations are arranged in tabs for easy finding. Also, there’s a search box which lets you search by a word.

The website educates and entertains audiences of all ages with good, funny and friendly quotations. It aims at providing access to the world of education ranging from birthday cards to Christmas and Eid wishes and more to make it easy to find great information.

Here, you will find something for everyone. Whether you are educator, student, writer, or quote-lover of any age, it is the perfect platform.

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Owner Profile

Sales Representative

Card Palace Printing Press (Musaffah 38, Abu Dhabi, UAE.)

13th October 2015 to 28th May 2017

Working in one of the best printing press in multinational city of the world and Asia. Specialist of Rule and Die Making, Die Cutting Machine as well as expert in Binding works. Good communication skills and work with foreigners like; Indian, Pakistanis, Egyptian and Bangladeshi Peoples. Keep the Environment Friendly and Skills of Learning and Teaching.

Working according to the customer demands and timing. If there is burden of work, have ability to work over the duty to cover the works. Also works with special works l

ike making Samples, wood boxes, Tissue boxes, wedding cards and 50% knowledge of Foil machine.

Fluent to Speak Arabic, English, Urdu/Hindi, Punjabi, Pushtu, Hindko and

Farsi as well.

Reference: Mr. Nouman (Junior Manager) +971-55-1387756


An Old Image Capture 7 Years ago in 2017. That was great project and Biggest Example of occupation and passion, I love these types of Works.



IT. Coordinator

Razmak Industries (marks) Peshawar, Pakistan.

24th March 2015 to 07th September 2015

Full Command on Print and Computer Department. Ability to solve Computer Hardware/Software, E-mails, Salary Preparation, Official Documentation, Telephone Operation, Fax and Dispatching Works.

Software Knowledge of  Microsoft Window, Microsoft Office, Graphic Designing, Cut Studio, Website Designs.





e-mail: sales@marks.pk

Tel: +92 92 5813811, 5810015, 5815457








Graphic Designing

Print Media Printing Press (Peshawar)

08th February 2014 to 30th January 2015

Graphic Designing, Visit in the market for send and receive order and works. Visit to bank for truncation. Full knowledge of CorelDraw and Inpage Software for designing.

Course Institute Name Session

(Diploma in Information Technology)

Aptech Institute of Information Technology (BISEP) 2014-2015

(Bachelor in Commerce)

University of Peshawar 2012-2013

(Diploma in Business Administration)

Govt. College of Management Sciences Peshawar 2010-2011
Matriculation In Science Govt. High Secondary School No#3, Peshawar. 2008-2009


Contact Information:

Whatsapp: +971 52 9035523

Pakistan Cell: +92 313 9826966

E-mail: Shoaibraza134@gmail.com